If you are don't familiar of name Karim Yaghmour and you are interested in embedded systems, you should. He is the author of "Building Embedded Linux Systems" . And today we are interested in his latest book "Embedded Android"

So Karim is a CEO at Opersys where he also make trainings. The one which interested me, was Embedded Android Training on the "Courseware" tab you can download the slides for the training sessions (I don't provide link cause it will probably change over the time).

I have also found Karim making a fast forward and simplified version of this course on Linaro Connect 2013. The videos are on YouTube thanks to Nicolas Charbonnier from ARMDevices.net.

So here are the videos:

#1 - Android Internals

#2 - Working with the AOSP

#3 - Native Android user-space

#4 - Using and Customizing the Android Framework

So it's easy to follow opening on half screen the browser with YouTube video and on the other half the pdf reader with the slides. You're welcome :)


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